"12th Hole - Laurel Valley Golf Club"
© Michael Lane, 2013

9 x 12 inches. Artist acrylic on bristol paper

Limited edition of 950 signed and numbered prints and 50 artist proofs
Prints $65 Artist Proofs $130
Printed on Breathing Color's Aura Decor archival paper

This painting features the 12th hole of Laurel Valley and the magnificent backdrop of Chestnut Ridge on a sunny day. Laurel Valley was
designed by Dick Wilson in 1959 on a 260 acre tract of land that also served as a pheasant shooting preserve. It was also what Wilson called,
"the most natural beautiful site I've ever seen for a golf course."

With Chestnut Ridge rising 2,500 feet above sea level and the historic barn situated on the left side of the fairway, one could imagine standing
on the tee and having Ar
nold Palmer come down from Heaven and drive up on his Penzoil tractor to offer some advice on how to play this
challenging par 4! Rest in peace Arnie.

I plan on painting a large canvas of this miniature sometime in the near future. The original painting is in the permanent collection of Laurel
Valley Golf Club.

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