"Monica and Ryan"

© Michael Lane, 2011
Artist acrylic on Belgian linen
22 x 26 inches

This painting features Ryan and Monica
on the day of their wedding.
Monica is wearing the traditional Indian
wedding dress called the Sari
while Ryan is adorned in the Kurta.

It was a challenge rendering
all of the detail in this painting.
From their faces to the embroidery in
Monica's Sari and Ryan's Kurta to the
bark in the white birch trees;
all of these elements in the painting
proved to be small mountains to climb!

It all worked out in the end because when
I put the last brush stroke on the canvas
and signed the painting,
I was proud of what I had accomplished.

Even more rewarding was when
I unveiled the painting to the newlyweds
and saw the joy on their faces!

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Their foreheads and noses touch,
the sun beams off of Ryan's neck,
and the trees form a perfect V to symbolize
Ryan and Monica's love
for each other
and the bond of marriage.
© Michael Lane, 2012
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