"The Chip Shot Heard 'Round the World"

Painted by Michael Lane in 1986
from Lawrence Levy's photograph © 1982
with permission for reproduction of limited edition print

17 x 18 in. Printed on archival Strathmore paper
Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered prints and 25 artist proofs
Prints $150 Artist Proofs $300

This print features the famous chip shot by Tom Watson in the 1982 US Open at Pebble Beach. I normally don't work from
photographs other than mine, but in this case, I was just having fun painting a famous golf shot by Larry Levy! After finishing
the painting, I thought it would make for a nice print, so I contacted Larry and received his permission to reproduce the painting
into a limited edition.

The history behind this painting and Watson's incredible shot are legendary in the world of golf. It was the final round of the
US Open and Watson had just driven his tee shot on the par 3 17th hole into the notorious greenside US Open rough!

Facing the perilous task of hacking the ball out of the deep grass, Watson had to stop the ball quickly if he had any chance of
saving par (since the pin was so close to the edge of the green near Watson's ball).

As he looked over the shot with his loyal caddie Bruce Edwards, Watson boldly stated that he was going to chip it in! Edwards,
(being the good caddie) told him to just try and get it close...and not do anything fancy. In the scorer's tent behind the 18th hole
Jack Nicklaus had just finished his round and was the leader in the clubhouse. While he watched Watson on the TV monitor, he
thought, "...there's no way he's going to get the ball close...with the greens as fast as they are this year...he'll be lucky to even
make par!"

But as Watson swung his club, something magical happened - he struck the ball perfect...and he knew it. The ball popped out of
the rough, landed on the green and started rolling towards the hole. As the ball neared the cup, Watson started walking to his
left while intently watching it roll.

Then, as if my divine intervention, the ball dropped into the cup!!! Watson raised his club into the air and gleefully danced
around the green while pointing to Bruce Edwards saying, "I told you I was going to make it!!!!"
Watson went on to birdie the
18th hole and win the championship in grand style.

Afterwards, Nicklaus showed great sportsmanship as he congratulated his biggest rival of that era with a genuine smile and a
pat on the back.

The original painting is in the private collection of my twin brother Steve Lane.

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